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Launching November 2023.

The Energiser by Premium Lithium is the world’s first and only AI-backed renewable solution finder, designed to carry out large scale, high quality virtual surveys of residential properties.

This provides customers with essential, impartial, and highly accurate information and optimal renewable energy solution recommendations to be installed in their property.

With the potential to scan over 10,000 UK properties a day, the Energiser will revolutionise the way customers get the right renewable solution they can afford with the right installation team they deserve.

For our partners, this means you benefit from a constant stream of highly motivated, informed and interested customers, which we are now making available to partners like you for the first time.

How it works

  • Combining information from multiple datasets and databases, our system scans the roofs of viable properties in the UK and carries out a detailed virtual survey for suitability of solar and other renewables (more coming soon).

  • A detailed report is provided to the customer free of charge with an optimised renewable solution recommendation.

  • Should the customer wish to proceed on this solution, this lead is provided to our trusted partners to provide a local and professional installation.

Why Are We Different to Other Lead Providers?

The Energiser

Other Lead Providers

Solution Driven



High Conversion Rate



Local Targeting 



Job Tendering Platform

(end of November)



Benefits of Premium Lithium’s Energiser

  • Gain more customers

    Our Energiser allows you to gain more customers faster and easier meaning more sales and revenue for you to grow your business. 

  • Increased order size

    Providing customers with a complete renewable solution provides a larger order size for each system.

  • Decrease costs with local jobs

    Our Energiser can target any region in the UK, providing our partners with local jobs which decreases your costs and increases your margins. 

  • Grow your business

    The Energiser will provide you with more customers, at higher margins and lower costs – all while being the easiest and most cost-effective way of growing your business. 

Limited spaces available!



We are currently energising Yorkshire and the M25 area, and so are looking to work with partners that operate within either of these areas. 


Q1. What is the Energiser?

A1. The Energiser by Premium Lithium is the UK’s first AI-backed virtual surveyor that surveys properties for their optimal renewable energy solution and then provides them with a detailed report and optimal solution.

Q2. Why should I use the Energiser?

A2. The Energiser will provide you with a constant stream of highly informed and motivated customers who are looking to benefit from renewables. 

Q3. How much does it cost?

A3. During our pre-launch we are offering significant savings on our Energiser. The fees are set out as below:



(valid to 21st November)

Onboarding / Set Up Fee




(90% Discount)

Platform Fee




Lead Fee

From just £49 per lead

From just £25 per lead

(50% discount)

Q4. Once I have purchased some leads, how long can I take leads for?

A4. Once an order for leads is confirmed, you will have up to 3 months to make use of this quota. This ensures that you have the time to make the most of these leads.  

Q5. Do you work on a revenue share model?

A5. Proven partners that have a track record with us and using the Energiser will be invited to work on a revenue share model meaning there would be zero upfront cost to you as a partner.

Q6. How would I get the leads / customers?

A7. No. Currently we are only dealing with Energiser leads in our area of operation which is Yorkshire. Any leads outside of this area of operation will exclusively be passed onto our partners only. 

Q7. Will Premium Lithium also be speaking to these leads?

A7. No. Currently we are only dealing with Energiser leads in our area of operation which is Yorkshire. Any leads outside of this area of operation will exclusively be passed onto our partners only. 

Q8. What information would I be provided with for each customer lead?

A8. All contact information including full address and contact details will be provided as well as the detailed virtual report in Open Solar that our Energiser has created along with their recommended solution. This ensures maximum conversion rate and value to you, our partner.

Q9. Are leads exclusive to me? 

A9. Leads are provided on a non-exclusive basis and offered to several partners. There are three reasons for this:

Firstly, this keeps the cost per lead to you as low as possible and therefore provides the best ROI on your spend.

Secondly, customers nearly always want multiple quotes anyway, so this ensures they get these all in one go.

Thirdly, it ensures customers get all of their quotes back sooner which reduces the time before they are ready to proceed and ensures better cashflow for your business.

Q10. Will I be able to ‘bid’ on a job?

A10. Yes. Though this is something that will be available shortly as an additional option.

Q11. What is your refund policy on leads?

A11. We offer a full 100% refund on any leads that are not valid. Non-valid leads are ones where contact info is incorrect or obviously fake. 

Q12. I am interested, what are the next steps?

A12. Please click register to leave your details with us and one of our team will contact you. 

Q13. I have another question that is not answered here. 

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