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Powerpod 15kWh Smart Home Battery Subscription

Powerpod 15kWh Smart Home Battery Subscription

Save up to 50% today by installing later

Lower costs | Increased energy security | Reduced emissions

The 15kWh Powerpod is a powerful wall-mounted LiFePO4 home battery with smart BMS. With installation and inverter included in the price, it offers a complete all-in-one solution to your home and solar energy storage needs.

Install it and start saving for less with our unique subscription model.

Why choose Powerpod 15kWh Smart Home Battery Subscription


Store solar energy during the day and use it in the evening, or charge from the grid with cheap, off-peak electricity meaning you never need to pay peak energy prices again!


Our home batteries can be installed with an optional EPS (Emergency Power Source) for £995, helping to provide crucial power to your home when you need it most.


By reducing your capital investment with a battery subscription, you dramatically reduce your payback period from the savings generated.


Home storage can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, by over 300kg/p.a. in the average UK home.

Key features


Our Smart Home Battery subscriptions are the world’s cheapest and easiest way to benefit from a Smart Home Battery and can be up to 75% cheaper than buying. What’s more, with a small capital investment, your payback period from the savings generated is far faster too.


Our Smart Home Batteries offer a complete all-in-one solution for you. This includes your National Grid application, grade-A inverter, and modular Smart Home Battery as well as free delivery and installation by our team of experts to provide you with a complete turnkey solution for energy independence.


Our Smart Home Batteries are compatible with all modern smart hybrid inverters and solar panels, giving you the flexibility to choose from any solar PV provider.


Our unique Smart Home Batteries have been specifically designed to be modular, allowing for a more tailor-made energy solution for customers based on their specific energy needs. The modular design means you can expand your energy storage easily and cheaply, future-proofing your energy storage.


All of our products and solutions come with 10 years warranty, giving you complete peace of mind.


Our high-quality lithium cells have been designed to be safe to use in domestic and commercial premises. All products have undergone extensive safety testing, UKCA and CE certification.


We only use the highest quality battery cells, ensuring maximum return on investment and long-term energy independence for you.

Technical specifications

Product power: 15kWh
Nominal voltage: 51.2V
Nominal capacity: 300Ah


Q: How does the battery subscription work?
A: We take an initial payment today which covers installation and the first two years of battery use. 24 months after installation you’ll start to pay a low monthly subscription payment, which allows you to continue to access the benefits of a smart battery for as long as you choose.

Q: Why should I use battery subscription instead of buying the battery?
A: Premium Lithium offers the world’s first and only Smart Home Battery subscription service. This means instead of buying the Smart Home Battery solution outright, you only need to pay for the first 2 years’ subscription and installation upfront. This reduces your upfront cost by around 60-80% compared to an outright purchase. This is a superb way of reducing your initial cost, allowing you to get a larger battery solution for your budget as well as reducing your payback period based on the energy savings you will achieve.

Q: What happens at the end of the initial 2-year subscription period?
A: At the end of initial 2-year period you can continue to use the Smart Battery Solution subscription by just paying the monthly subscription fee. However, in the unlikely event that you do not want to continue your subscription at the end of the 2-year period, then our team can uninstall the Smart Home Battery from your property.

Q: Is it possible to buy the battery once I have a subscription?
A: Yes, this is of course possible. In this case, we also generously allow you to reduce the purchase price by any subscription payments you have already made so you are not out of pocket at all.

Q: Do I need to be a homeowner?
A: Currently we are only able to offer Smart Home Battery subscriptions to property owners. If you are not the property owner or are a tenant, then please ask the property owner to contact us.

Q: What is included in the price?
A: The price is not just for the battery but for a complete turnkey solution that includes everything you need to manage and reduce your energy costs. This solution includes full case management and application to the National Grid, your chosen Premium Lithium Smart Home Battery, a grade-A inverter, all wiring and mounting equipment, and free delivery by our team of experts as well as onboarding and off-site management. Because the cost of the subscription does not cover the cost of the equipment, we ask customers to contribute towards some of the cost of the installation. All hardware also comes with 10 years’ warranty for full peace of mind.

Q: Is VAT included in your prices?
A: Prices on our website are all ex-VAT as many of our customers are able to claim the VAT back. While the current VAT rate for Smart Home Batteries is the standard 20%, if they are combined with renewable energy generation systems such as wind turbines or solar panels, then the VAT rate is reduced to 0%.

Q: How do pre-orders work?
A: Premium Lithium offer generous discounts of up to 55% based on when you would like your Smart Home Battery installed / delivered. By pre-ordering, we can benefit from economies of scaling in production and labour which means we can pass on these savings to customers.

Q: Do I need to have solar panels to use a Smart battery with?
A: Whilst many customers may already have solar panels, significant savings can be made with just a Smart Home Battery on its own. If you are considering solar panels for your home, then a Premium Lithium Smart Home Battery solution will allow you to store any excess solar energy for use after the sun sets.

Q: What is the warranty period?
A: All our hardware and equipment come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Q: Can I take my battery with me if I move home?
A: If you are looking to move house, many customers decide to sell the battery as part of the property. However, if you would like to take the smart battery with you, then for a nominal fee, we can send our team to uninstall the battery and assist in moving it to your new home.

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Powering your energy independence

Save up to 90% on your energy costs

By storing the energy from solar panels during the day and/or accessing cheaper rates of electricity from the grid at off-peak times, you can save up to 90% on your energy bills.

Benefit from increased energy security

By taking advantage of our Emergency Power Source (EPS) functionality, your home battery can act like a back-up generator, giving you increased peace of mind during blackouts and power cuts.

Store solar energy and reduce your carbon emissions

Our home batteries are compatible with all common solar PV arrays. By storing and using energy from the sun you'll reduce your reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

Help to balance the strain on the national grid

Using a home battery can reduce your reliance on energy from the grid at peak times when demand for electricity is high. This can help to reduce the burden on the grid and on less clean energy sources.

Expand your capacity over time with modular design

As your energy needs change and evolve, your home battery system can too. Our clever modular system can be expanded upon over time to ensure that your capacity always matches your needs.

Beat the energy crisis with better design

Modular and expandable

Our modular and expandable range of home and solar batteries allows you to create a tailored solution which matches your needs. And if those needs change over time, your system can easily expand to adapt.

Tested to rigorous safety standards

Our quality home and solar batteries have been designed to be safe to use in all domestic and commercial settings. All products have undergone extensive safety testing, UKCA and CE certification.

Longer-lasting battery cells

We only use the highest quality battery cells, meaning our batteries have an expected minimum lifespan of at least 20 years. This ensures maximum return on investment and long term energy independence.

Free inverter included

With free installation and everything you need for a fully functioning system included in the price, you can rest assured that a home battery from Premium Lithium is the ultimate turnkey solution to your energy independence.

Emergency Power Supply (EPS) functionality

Every Premium Lithium system includes essential power cut protection, with whole house solutions available at an additional cost. This ensures power to your premises in the event of a power cut or blackout.

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